Seeking out the Style, Craftsmanship, Tastes & Experience of a Good Life

Seeking out the Style, Craftsmanship, Tastes & Experience of a Good Life

Macmillan Legacy Garden created by Rob Hardy RHS Tatton Park Flower Show

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park

Summer brings beautiful colour to the heart of Cheshire

RHS Flower Show Tatton Park, a beautiful day in the sunshine!

By Sam Clark   Photographs by Anna Perotti

After a hard winter for us all the sun blazed down over the glorious colours that filled the RHS Flower Shows. Visitors shaded themselves beneath parasols at Tatton Park and later in the year, were treated to a beautiful warm September sunshine in Chelsea. The show was rescheduled because of the pandemic and held in September for the first time. Exhibitors did an extraordinary job filling Chealsea with vibrant displays so late in the season.

Fleurs de Villes ROSE with H R Owen  Maserati and RHS Tatton Park
The breathtaking beauty of Fleurs de Villes ROSÉ. A global exhibition launched at Tatton raising the awareness of breast cancer

Through the lockdown over 3 million of us started growing plants and at the RHS Flower Show’s there was plenty to inspire and enthrall new gardeners, and those with more experienced green fingers.

RHS Flower Power Garden designed by Anca Panait Tatton Park 2021
RHS Flower Power Garden designed by Anca Panait, is a celebration of colour in the natural world and the emotions it provokes

As the early summer sun blazed down, we packed our sun cream and headed off to the RHS Tatton Park Flower Show, a wonderful celebration of flowers and plants set in the Cheshire countryside. The show is spread out around a central island of magnificent trees. Visitors can leisurely wander around viewing the exhibits, stunning show gardens, tempting shopping areas. Stopping for refreshments and pausing for a rejuvenating rest under the shade of the trees. Our afternoon of meandering laps of the showground found new surprises and delights each time round. 

Tissington Nursery RHS Gold Medal Tatton Park with Sir Edwin Lutyens garden bench
The classic design of the great British architect, Sir Edwin Lutyens garden bench provides a grand place to rest in the Tissington Nursery’s Gold medal winning exhibit.

Current trends in planting and garden design displayed at both Tatton and Chealsea, clearly show a caring mindfulness for people and the environment. 

Many of the gardens were designed with great care, thoughtfully utilizing the physical benefits and mental wellbeing that plants can provide. A highlight of Tatton was the beautiful Macmillan Legacy Garden created by Rob Hardy. Two paths made with different textures and ‘pinch points’ lead through the garden to a reflective pool representing the struggles people with cancer and those that love and care for them go through and to raise awareness of the work Macmillan does in cancer support. 

Breath Easy garden designed by Peter Lloyd RHS 2021
The Breath Easy garden designed by Peter Lloyd to promote mindfulness and provide a place of solace where visitors can find a balance and de-stress. Heleniums and Verbena bonariensis float around a sculpture, ‘Piece by Piece’, created by stroke survivors in a partnership with The Stroke Association.

Pip Probert Garden design
Designer Pip Probert says planting doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive to look good. This is perfectly demonstrated in her ‘Garden with a view’ at Tatton. Plants joyfully spill over each other surrounded by protective, bold open fencing allowing tantalising views beyond.
bee on a sunflower
RHS events Inspiring everyone to grow
RHS Flower School events
Freddie Strickland best young designer rhs gold
Radiant orange dahlias, vibrant lime-yellow catalpas, lilies and hemerocallis danced among sophisticated textures of Fargesia ‘Black Pearl’ bamboo in the lush planting by Freddie Strickland in the ‘On Tropic’ garden. Freddie’s cleaver low-impact design created a relaxed, natural atmosphere with hardy exotic planting alongside some more tender species that may become commonplace as our climate warms. Freddie was deservedly awarded the Best RHS Young Designer. His garden, ‘On Tropic’ received a Gold medal and the Best Construction Award.
Emilie Bausager Shooting Star Childrens Hospices Rehearse Garden
The Peoples Choice Best Large Garden and Silver medal winner, Emilie Bausager imagined a family of classical musicians adopting a greener lifestyle. Transforming a driveway into a green oasis for the family to enjoy and support wildlife. The inspirational design of the ‘Shooting Star Children’s Hospices Rehearse Garden’ was loved by visitors.
James Smith its ok not to be ok
In James Smith’s Silver medal-winning garden, ‘it’s ok not to be ok’, four tall, green oak pillars represent the one in four people who suffer from mental health issues. Their identical appearance illustrates the fact that mental health issues are often hidden within and unseen.

Find out about flower shows, special events, gardens and much much more on the RHS website

We can highly recomend a visit to the wonderful, award winning Tissington nursery in Derbyshire

Discover more about the designers featured in the photographs:

Peter Lloyd Gardens By Peter Lloyd

Pip Probert Outer Spaces

Emilie Bausager Emilie Bausager Landscapes

James Smith Topoforma Landscapes

Freddie Strickland Freddie Strickland

Tickets are now available for 2022

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